I like what I do and I do what I like

I'm Kim Winberry and I'm here to create!

Today, I paint with colorful and bright pigments of watercolor and add to that with India Ink. I didn’t always though. As I began my art career in 2005, I found myself drawn to watercolor as a medium and so I researched extensively and I taught myself. I started with realism and I succeeded in creating paintings that looked like the images I was referencing, but I felt less than fulfilled. I wanted there to be more than me creating a duplicate of something, I wanted my art to have a voice. I experimented with substrates and painted on canvas, clay boards and even on textured gesso. I wanted to see what would happen.


I spent time looking at my palette, my colors, the paper and the water. I’d watch as one color would blossom in the water that it was provided. I’d watch as that bit of color would start to travel across the sheet, splitting apart into streams, running into other colors as it travelled, blending into new colors. I wondered what it was going to become. I’d become lost in thought watching the water. As the paint dried, I found myself wanting to define where the changes occurred. When did things stop being one thing in order to become another. I took my pen to the paper and started defining colors and shapes. I found happy and whimsy somewhere in there. Eventually that chaos blended and morphed into the style I find myself painting in today.​​

  • ArtFest Scottsdale
    November  23-24
    Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza
    3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd.

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